Our Mission

“Beauty Reimagined
for Diversity”

Our mission at Diversifai is to help everyone understand and embrace their own unique features.

Using machine learning, we learn about your unique features and connect you to individuals with others with similar features so you can create meaningful, shared experiences together.


Our Features

How it Works

Our easy to use app combines all you need in the beauty space to learn, explore, and create content to share with others in the community. Here's how it works.

1. Scan

Simply scan your face into your profile by taking a few selfies. We'll instantly analyze your facial features like your face shape, eye shape, nose shape etc. to get to know your preferences based on your features.
And don't worry, your information will be kept private.

2. Search

Easily explore the hottest trending beauty styles, or search for the styles you like.

3. Get Tailored Content

It's always a pain sifting through videos to find a creator that works for you. That's why we instantly match you to only content creators similar to you.
You can sort through your videos based on what you want: overall similarity, similar face shape, similar eye shape etc.

4. Engage

Feeling like you're the only one with a problem? Connect with other women just like you, and share your beauty tips and help others boost their confidence in looking beautiful.
Earn points by helping others with their questions, and by showing your confidence in creating new content!


Our Partners

Our Partners

We're always looking for partners to help spread the word and boost the confidence of beautiful, diverse women all around the world. Please contact us!

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